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There are several Alabama Counties that will have amendments on their local ballots similair to this one in Russell County. The language on these amendments is taken from United Nations Agenda 21 programs and is invasion of your personal property rights. We encourage you all to stand up and vote NO on these bills.

If the bills do pass, we will work to replace the commissioners who have placed these amendments on the ballot and send them home in 2016 and 2018 .
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9 hours ago

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Steve BraggNO to giving ANY power for "code enforcement". This one needs to go down in flames.9 hours ago   ·  3
Mike ShiverThe audacity of these people is amazing, right now the Russell Co Commission is catching a lot of grief over something as simple as cable TV issues, they sure dont need this. Is there an active Constitutional Party chapter in Russell Co? 9 hours ago   ·  2
Constitution Party of AlabamaOnce the local cirizens become educated on this they have proven they will say NO. Bibb and Marshall Counties both initially passed a similair bills. It was the efforts of local property rights groups who invested time and money educating their constituents. The bills were then put back on the ballot and DEFEATED! :)9 hours ago   ·  3
Steve BraggTHIS is what happens with code enforcement hours ago   ·  2
Constitution Party of OhioEssentially, it looks like they are targeting farms and country properties. You know, the ones that can actually make it on their own without government assistance.4 hours ago
Marshall County Constitution Partyeven though we repealed ours in Marshall County in 2010, it upset folks so much that one of the debate topics will focus on "home rule". Our Constitution Party candidate is going against the last commissioner who sided with the bill and is still around.4 hours ago

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Marshall County is right on Elmore County's heels. The county party is reporting 28 were in attendance last night. ... See MoreSee Less

28 folks in attendance at tonight's meeting! Wonderful lecture by Don Casy. Great support for our candidates, and we have major momentum going into the homestretch.

11 hours ago

28 folks in attendance at tonight's meeting!  Wonderful lecture by Don Casy.  Great support for our candidates, and we have major momentum going into the homestretch.

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