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Jordan Page coming to Alabama MARCH 21rst!

This will be a in house concert limited to 20-25 people @ $25.00 a ticket...

If interested let me know
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Song available on iTunes Music video for the acoustic version of the song "Liberty" by Jordan Pag...

3 hours ago

STOP waiting on the ballot access drives to be completed, STOP waiting on you county party to organize, STOP waiting on others to donate, STOP participating in a party where you views are silenced. BE THE PERSON WHO CHANGES IT and not just a follower.

DO not have a county party in your area? Start One Do not have any candidates running locally? Sign your county petition/ Recruit/ Run

This party will grow through the blood and sweat of many, Alabama can be the party the other state affiliates look towards.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Edmund Burke
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4 hours ago

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What are your thoughts on Netanyahu’s address to Congress? ... See MoreSee Less

12 hours ago

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Tracy's ThoughtsAs each day passes we come one step closer to the destruction of this Country unless "WE the PEOPLE" do something about it. The HATE for America has been around for a long time, since it's beginning actually. While the enemy from afar is a threat, the enemy from within is much more of a threat. We are being torn down from the top down, bottom up and the inside out. For anyone that can't see it, or refuses to believe it, they are part of the problem!12 hours ago   ·  2
Richard T. GibsonBest speech I"ve heard in 6 years, maybe longer.11 hours ago
Gary RitenburghAmerica will never be defeated from the outside, Those that attack us from outside will cause us to pull together. America will fall from within, that will be our demise. When America falls, so will Israel.12 hours ago
Patrick PhillipsOnly one word describes how i feel about Bibi's speech! AMEN!11 hours ago
Chris SorrellsIt doesn't change the fact that our country is wasting billions on THEIR military and to bolster THEIR government. But, it was a decent speech. At least he thanked us for all the tax dollars we're dumping on him.9 hours ago

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Press Release! Marshall County

See attached:  08-04-2014-PressRelease. Republicans and Democrats miss filing deadline Constitution Party candidates run unopposed! Marshall County, AL, August 4, 2014: Both the Republican and Democrat parties miss filing deadline for having their candidates to be on the ballot in Marshall County. This leaves the Constitution Party candidates the only candidates LEGALLY on the ballot in…

Mark Syck

Featured Candidate – Mark Syck

Let us all welcome Mark Syck, candidate for Elmore County Sheriff View the links below to learn more about Mr. Syck. Public Web Site – Mark for Sheriff Facebook Page


Press Release & Featured Candidate – Chris Sorrells

Let us all welcome Chris Sorrells, candidate for Marshall County Commission District 1 View the links below to learn more about Mr. Sorrells. Candidate News Release – Chris Sorrells Chris Sorrells Facebook Page



HB18 – Legislative Watch 2014

Alabama Lawmaker files bill to repeal last year’s gun law changes. Representative Alvin Holmes (D, 78) has introduced a bill that seeks to repeal the entire set of changes in Alabama gun law from the 2013 session. That bill has been filed as HB18 for the 2014 legislative session. Holmes has previously explained his position…


Alabama Sheriff’s Association: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Alabama Sheriff’s Association, a self described “executive level professional association comprised of the 67 elected sheriffs in Alabama”, has quite a checkered past when it comes to it’s stance on the rights of Citizens. This is especially true of gun rights and was illustrated in a fight during the 2013 Alabama Legislative Session. As…


A House Divided

I was recently asked what were my thoughts on the internal problems within the Alabama Republican Party. Let me first state, I am not a republican and hold no allegiance to their party. With that said, I will not comment directly on any motion or bylaw issue of their organization. However, I will comment on…

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Birmingham Regional Meeting

March 7, 2015, 1:00pm - March 7, 2015, 3:30pm

Location will be named shortly

This meeting will be an introduction to the Constitution Party, meet and greet with other local supporters, planning and strategy session for ballot access. It is open to all members in the state but the focus will be the counties in and around Jefferson County. If you have not joined the state party, you can still attend and participate by just signing the local ballot access petition for your county (these will be available at the event)