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News Release 11/12/2013

The Constitution Party of Alabama announces our 2014 ballot access plan and call for candidates! The plan consists of qualifying the party in as many counties as possible with the party focusing on counties with low ballot access numbers. As it stands there are 41 different counties which have ballot access requirements less than 450…


Press Release – 8/5/2013

ATTENTION! View our latest press release: Sheriffs violating constitutional rights – Call for local candidates



HB18 – Legislative Watch 2014

Alabama Lawmaker files bill to repeal last year’s gun law changes. Representative Alvin Holmes (D, 78) has introduced a bill that seeks to repeal the entire set of changes in Alabama gun law from the 2013 session. That bill has been filed as HB18 for the 2014 legislative session. Holmes has previously explained his position…


Alabama Sheriff’s Association: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Alabama Sheriff’s Association, a self described “executive level professional association comprised of the 67 elected sheriffs in Alabama”, has quite a checkered past when it comes to it’s stance on the rights of Citizens. This is especially true of gun rights and was illustrated in a fight during the 2013 Alabama Legislative Session. As…


A House Divided

I was recently asked what were my thoughts on the internal problems within the Alabama Republican Party. Let me first state, I am not a republican and hold no allegiance to their party. With that said, I will not comment directly on any motion or bylaw issue of their organization. However, I will comment on…